Comment: David Cameron pledges 'bold action' to see under 25s 'earning or learning'

October 10, 2013 3:03 PM


Commenting on David Cameron's conference speech, where he claimed the Conservatives support the increase in the income tax threshold, Jenny Willott MP for Cardiff Central has said;

"It's almost amusing to see the prime minister desperately trying to claim Lib Dem policies as his own. The fact is that raising the tax-free threshold to £10,000 was a top priority in the Liberal Democrat manifesto.

"At the time, David Cameron explicitly claimed it was 'unaffordable'. He was wrong.

"Now, thanks to the Liberal Democrats in Government, over a million Welsh workers have had a £600 tax cut. Building a stronger economy is our number one priority.

"However, unlike the Tories, the Liberal Democrats also want to build a fairer society which is why over 130,000 of the lowest paid workers in Wales no longer pay a single penny of income tax. Nowhere in David Cameron's speech did we hear how the Tories will build a fairer society and that is exactly why they can't be trusted to be in Government on their own."

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