Comment: Wales' confidence problems are laid bare as few feel the benefits of economic upturn

October 22, 2013 11:31 AM

Make it happenCommenting on the news that a Beaufort Research poll indicates that only 2% of Welsh adults said they felt 'a lot more confident' now than earlier in the year, Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central has said,

"The cost of living is an issue that worries many families up and down Wales and this survey rightly reflects the concerns of ordinary households that struggle to make ends meet every month.

"While Labour may have some hare-brained and unworkable idea about how to tackle energy prices that would come into effect in 2016, the Liberal Democrats, in government, are acting now to help struggling families.

"In government, the Liberal Democrats have done everything we can to help people with the cost of living while cleaning up Labour's financial and economic mess. We've stabilised the economy, keeping interest rates and mortgage payments low. We have given 24 million ordinary workers a £700 tax cut with our radical income tax policy. Fuel duty has been frozen, saving motorists £170 per year compared to what they would have paid under a Labour Government and we've announced free school meals for all infants from next year in England, something the Welsh Labour Government is refusing to even consider here in Wales."

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