Jenny Willott MP launches monthly bin bag petition

October 31, 2013 11:06 AM

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Jenny Willott MP for Cardiff Central has launched a petition against proposals by Cardiff Council to reduce black bin bag and wheelie bin collections to once a month.

These proposals come at a time when the council is making cuts in the provision for street cleaners, focusing resources on the city centre and leaving other parts of Cardiff neglected.

Jenny Willott MP thinks this will be a disaster for the city.

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP said:

"The Council shouldn't be cutting our black bag collections. When the Lib Dems ran Cardiff they put a lot of work into cleaning up our city and increasing recycling rates, successfully. This move is completely out of line with what residents tell me on the doorsteps that they want, and is a backwards step.

"Lots of houses in Cathays, Adamsdown and Plasnewydd will struggle to store black bags and overflowing wheelie bins for a month. It is completely impractical.

"These proposals will only lead to more rubbish being dumped on streets that aren't going to get cleaned as frequently, thanks to cuts by the Labour-run Cardiff Council.

"I would urge all residents who agree with me to sign my petition."

The petition opposing monthly black bag collections can be signed online at

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