A further £640 million to modernise and protect our Post Offices – Jenny Willott MP

November 28, 2013 11:49 AM

Jenny Willott - postoffices

MP for Cardiff Central Jenny Willott has welcomed yesterday's announcement by Liberal Democrat Post Office Minister Jo Swinson of £640 million of extra funding for Post Offices.

The additional money will speed up and complete the modernisation of the Post Office Network and for the first time ever funding will also be made available to maintain smaller Post Offices who play a vital role in the community but who may not be suitable for the modernisation programme.

Commenting, Jenny Willott said:

"The £640 million in additional funding, on top of the £1.34 billion already pledged by the Coalition Government, will ensure that we maintain our hugely important Post Office network of 11,500 branches.

"Under Labour we saw over 7,000 Post Offices close, including the ones on Salisbury Road and Waterloo Road in this constituency. Instead of spending money on a closure programme like Labour, Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are investing to protect and modernise our Post Offices for the future."

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

"The Post Office is a vital part of our social fabric at the heart of our communities. Its network has unparalleled reach up and down the country. The Coalition Government is keen to maintain the key role that post offices play. Today's investment will continue to build on the success of the Post Office modernisation programme which is already well underway.

"We recognise the important service that post offices provide to small and often remote communities, sometimes even as the only shop in the area. This is why we are dedicating specific funding to support modernisation and strengthen the existence of these branches.

"All of this will help build a strong platform on which the Post Office can attract customers and win services so that it can continue to grow its business and thrive."

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