Letter to the South Wales Echo on police funding

December 19, 2013 4:43 PM

Jenny R, Jenny W and Nick Clegg with police


I am saddened, but not surprised, by the comments you carried yesterday from South Wales Police Commissioner Alun Michael about cuts to policing budgets.

For years South Wales Police have been consistently underfunded, not least given the additional costs they face for policing a capital city - unlike Edinburgh or London, Cardiff does not get any extra money. I have been campaigning for years for them to receive more money, so it's not that I think Mr Michael is wrong to be concerned, but there were also funding problems whilst Alun Michael was a Home Office Minister, in the Department responsible for policing.

It's not right that South Wales Police don't have the resources they need to meet the demands put upon them by looking after a capital city, and I am working hard to get Ministers to reconsider the current funding arrangements. But for Alun Michael to accuse the Coalition Government of underfunding the police is simply hypocritical and, worse still, playing politics with such an important issue.

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Willott MP

Cardiff Central

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