Two in three Cardiff residents wouldn’t cope with monthly bin collections

January 15, 2014 1:51 PM

Eluned, Elizabeth and Jenny with bin bags

Responses to Cardiff Council's own consultation on waste collections have shown that just 27% of residents believe they would be able to manage if Cardiff Council push ahead with their controversial plans for monthly rubbish collections. This follows on from the massive response generated by a petition lead by Jenny Willott MP for Cardiff Central, which has been signed by almost 1,000 who are against this change.

Eluned Parrott, Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales Central who obtained these figures said:

"These figures should be the message Cardiff Council needs to ditch this absurd proposal. Two thirds of Cardiff residents say they wouldn't be able to cope if their general rubbish is collected only once a month. Now is the time for Cardiff Council to come clean and either confirm or completely rule out their plans for monthly bin collections across our city.

"Residents I have spoken to have been dismayed by the idea of having to store rubbish for a month. They are concerned about the lack of storage space for a month's rubbish and the problems which will arise from seagulls, rats and the summer heat if rubbish is left in back gardens for four weeks.

"The idea is insanity and unworkable. Labour run Cardiff council must rule it out now."

Jenny Willott Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central added:

"Almost a thousand people have signed a petition started by the Liberal Democrats against this crazy plan. Many areas of Cardiff have trouble with littering and fly tipping and halving rubbish collections will only make this issue worse. Cardiff Council have seen our petition, they've read letters from residents in The Echo who oppose their plans and now their own survey says local residents won't be able to manage with monthly bin collections. Labour need to drop this plan once and for all."

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