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Brit Awards record labels face the music on unpaid interns

February 24, 2014 4:44 PM
By https://www.gov.uk/government/news/brit-awards-record-labels-face-the-music-on-unpaid-interns

Will Griffiths, Aishling Baker, Jenny Willott MP and Charlotte Kelloway

Major record labels involved in this year's Brit Awards are among the latest targets of HMRC's continued crackdown on unpaid internships.

Michelle Wyer, HMRC's Assistant Director, National Minimum Wage, said:

Non-payment of the National Minimum Wage is not an option, it's the law, and we're letting the music industry know that we've got them in our sights. If they are not playing by the rules, now is the time to put things in order.

Last year we fined over around 800 employers, so our message is clear: if you are not paying your interns, but should be, come forward now and put things right to avoid a penalty.

Employment Relations Minister Jenny Willott said:

"The music industry is often seen as a glamorous industry to work in, particularly for young people. However, that is no excuse for interns not to be paid at least the minimum wage if they are employed as a worker. We need to make sure that interns who want a career in music are getting a fair deal and are not being exploited.

Letters to 35 record and events companies have been sent to set out the rules with follow up compliance visits due to begin later in the year to check the rules are being followed."