Welsh Lib Dems announce plans for young person’s concessionary fare scheme

March 12, 2014 2:46 PM


The Welsh Liberal Democrats have published plans for a new concessionary bus fare scheme for young people and students in Wales.

Young people are disproportionately impacted by increases in public transport fares due to their reliance on public transport to access education, employment, training and apprenticeships. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today published a cost efficient proposal for a concessionary fare scheme for young people that they would bring forward in government.

Jenny Willott MP said:

"Affordable public transport is key to enabling young people to access work, education, training and apprenticeships. That is why the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for a national concessionary scheme for young people aged 16-18, as well as those in full time education."

Eluned Parrott AM added:

"Our report recommends a national concessionary fare scheme based on a blanket reduced fare rate for 16-18 year olds and students. This policy achieves the objectives of improving access to affordable transport for young people, with minimal administration costs.

"While some local authorities in Wales have taken welcome steps to introduce bus schemes for young people, there is significant variability in these schemes which creates confusion and difficulty in travelling across local authority boundaries. Introducing a national concessionary fare scheme would end this confusion and give young people more affordable access to public transport."

Liberal Youth Wales have been running a campaign on fairer fares for young people on public transport. Please sign their petition here.

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