Jenny Willott MP writes to local press on problems with Quantum Pharmacy Solutions Ltd

April 24, 2014 12:08 PM

Jenny talking

I have been contacted by dozens of constituents raising concerns about Quantum Pharmacy Solutions Ltd (QPS) who have rented space in the reception of Cyncoed Medical Centre. QPS are based in Tamworth and are offering a prescription delivery service.

Patients are being approached and even harassed by representatives from QPS whilst they are waiting to see their GP, in an attempt to persuade patients to sign up for their services. QPS have told patients that they are a local company which is back by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). They also state that they are working with WAG to roll out QPS' service across the whole of Wales with immediate effect. Quantum has even told some patients that using their service is the only way they will be able to get their medication in the future. This is all extremely worrying and completely untrue!

I brought this matter to the attention of the Health Board and the Welsh Health Minister, who has now asked his officials to raise these concerns with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC). However, GPC are limited in what action they can take against QPS unless they receive specific complaints.

I therefore urge all those who have concerns about Quantum Pharmacy Solutions to contact the GPC and make a complaint. This is very easy to do; either online at or by calling 020 3365 3603.

The number of constituents who have contacted me about QPS demonstrates the magnitude of concern about this company within the local community. I share my constituents' concerns and so I will be contacting the GPC as well to make a formal complaint on behalf of my constituents.

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