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Gabalfa's parking nightmare - sign the petition and have your say!

August 29, 2014 1:05 PM
Eluned Parrott AM, Cllr. Ed Bridges and Ashley Wood parking

Eluned Parrott AM, Cllr. Ed Bridges and Ashley Wood are compiling a petition calling on Cardiff's Labour council to sort out Gabalfa's parking mess.

Residents in Gabalfa are suffering from parking misery - and the blame can be laid squarely at the door of Cardiff's Labour councillors.

Since 2012, the Gabalfa Focus Team have tried to work with Cardiff Council's Labour administration to resolve local parking problems - but progress has been very slow. The inaction has been attributed to Labour's internal politics which has seen three different Cabinet Members dealing with the matter in just two years! The party also recently ousted its Council Leader, further delaying the matter.

As a result, local Lib Dems have set up a petition to allow residents to have their say.

Eluned Parrott AM said: "Thanks to Labour's infighting, residents in our area have been stuck in a state of limbo, with the council refusing to get to grips with parking problems. Despite the best effort of local Lib Dems, the council has done precisely nothing."

Following questioning from Cllr. Ed Bridges, Cardiff Council said that they have no plans to revisit the current parking arrangements before 2017 - and, astonishingly, claimed that the current arrangements are effective!

Local resident, Ashley Wood, said: "If the Labour-run council think that the current resident-only parking arrangements are fit for purpose, they've obviously not visited our area recently. It's high time something was done."

Don't forget - you can do your bit to address local parking problems by signing our petition!

Labour's timeline of shame!

  • July 2012: Local Lib Dems conduct a survey of residents showing 90% support for more resident-only parking. A report is submitted to the new Labour Cabinet Member, demanding action.
  • February 2013: After ignoring the issue and delaying for six months, a reply from the Cabinet Member fails to engage with the report. He initially refuses to even meet with local councillors.
  • April: Meeting eventually held to discuss the matter; council officials instructed to look at options.
  • June: After being chased for a reply on three occasions, a plan is circulated setting out proposed actions and timescales.
  • July: Cabinet reshuffle. The process has to start again with a new Cabinet Member.
  • October: After months of chasing, a response is sent, with the promise of a meeting to discuss the matter.
  • January 2014: A brief meeting is held. The Cabinet Member agrees about the extent of the problem and undertakes to hold a further meeting.
  • February: Promises made to look at the resident-only parking arrangements in Gabalfa and Heath and to review resident-only parking criteria.
  • March: Cabinet reshuffle. The process has to start again with a new Cabinet Member. Cllr. Ed Bridges writes to him to seek his support.
  • May: Cabinet Member replies, saying there are no plans to amend the policy.