Shocking fall in Cardiff recycling rates

October 6, 2014 9:45 AM

Eluned, Elizabeth and Jenny with bin bags

Cardiff's Liberal Democrats have launched a scathing attack on Labour's record on recycling and say it could cost the city dear.

Figures published by the Welsh Government in August show the recycling rate has dropped from 52% to 50% over the past year.

"These are unacceptable figures," said Jenny Willott, Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central. "They are even more stark when you consider the rate across Wales actually rose to 54%.

"Coming on the back of the Welsh Audit Office's damning report on the Council's performance, this is a further indication of Cardiff Labour's ineptitude."

The figures will be discussed at Thursday's full Council meeting after the Lib Dems tabled a motion urging the administration to up its game.

Cllr Elizabeth Clark, who represents Cathays and will propose the motion, said the city risked facing a significant fine.

"The Welsh Government has set a target of 58% recycling by 2016," she said. "Under Labour, we have seen an unraveling of all the progress that had been made. If we don't hit that 58%, the Welsh Government could impose a severe fine.

"This is hugely frustrating. Labour inherited a robust recycling culture and infrastructure. When we took over the city from Labour in 2004, recycling was at a shocking 14%.

"Eight years later, we had raised that to 51%. Labour is now undoing all our good work."

"Labour have to get a grip fast," said Cllr Judith Woodman, leader of the Lib Dem group on Cardiff Council. "Every week, waste collections are missed, we are inundated with complaints about litter and financial management is poor.

"These latest recycling figures add to a depressing picture all round."

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