Employment Allowance helping 1,100 employers in Cardiff Central – Jenny Willott MP

November 24, 2014 1:30 PM

Speaking at conferenceJenny Willott, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, has welcomed the news that since the introduction of the Employment Allowance in April of this year, 1,100 businesses in Cardiff Central have been able to benefit.

The Employment Allowance allows businesses and charities throughout the UK to benefit from a reduction of up to £2000 every year in their employer Class 1 National Insurance bill.

As a result of the Employment Allowance, a business employing one person on a salary of £22,400, or four adults full-time on the National Minimum Wage will pay no employer National Insurance Contributions at all, and a business employing three people on the average private sector wage will see their typical NICs cut by 25%.

Figures published this month by the Treasury show that 1,100 employers in Cardiff Central have taken up this Allowance and almost 70% of the employers eligible for this across the whole of the UK have already claimed their Employment Allowance.

For more information about the Employment Allowance and to find out if your business is eligible please visit: https://www.gov.uk/employment-allowance

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP, said:

"The Employment Allowance is a key part of the Coalition Government's economic plan and is aimed at supporting businesses and creating jobs. I'm very pleased that since its introduction 6 months ago over 1000 employers in Cardiff Central have taken it up and are benefiting from the Employment Allowance.

"Small businesses in Cardiff Central and across Wales are very important to our economy, so this support from the Coalition is very welcome. I would encourage everyone in Cardiff Central who runs a business to check their eligibility for the Employment Allowance, and start benefiting from a reduction in their National Insurance Contributions."

Breakdown of figures can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/about/statistics

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