Adamsdown residents are represented on Cardiff Council by Cllr Nigel Howells, who has been the local councillor since 1999. Together with John Dixon, they lead the Adamsdown Lib Dem Focus Team.

Nigel and John are known throughout the ward for their hard work and from their involvement in key issues such as helping save the CRI, renovating Cemetery Park and representing residents on key issues in the area.

They hold advice surgeries on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month between 11am and 12pm at Roath Library which is open to all local residents.

John Dixon and Nigel Howells ()
  • Cllr. Nigel Howells outside Stacey Primary School

    A Liberal Democrat initiative to improve road safety outside schools is being introduced in Adamsdown.

    The scheme uses green cones outside schools, on the zig-zag lines, to prevent inconsiderate motorists from parking too close to the school.

    Local campaigner Cllr. Nigel Howells said, "The green cone scheme is being introduced at Stacey Primary School, and we hope it will improve child safety."

    Article / Dec 24, 2006
  • John Dixon and Jenny Willott

    The implementation of the new Kerbside Waste Recycling Collection Scheme in Adamsdown is ahead of schedule and will be introduced before Christmas.

    The whole area will have the TRIBAG scheme with residents provided, free of charge, with Green, Black and White bags.

    A pack of bags will be delivered to residents, together with details of the scheme, from the 19th to 23rd December, with collections starting the following week. There will also be a Recycling Road Show at the Star Leisure Centre on the 20th December.

    Article / Dec 22, 2006

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