• Butetown's Liberal Democrat Councillor, Delme Greening, has welcomed the decision of Cardiff Council's Planning Committee to refuse a planning application for a development on Windsor Esplanade.

    Working with local residents, Councillor Greening successfully argued that the proposed development would be completely out of character with the historic terrace that forms part of Windsor Esplanade.

    Article / Dec 15, 2011
  • Your local Councillor, Delme Greening outside the old Community Centre which will soon be replaced thanks to the Lib Dems on Cardiff Council.

    Local Councillor Delme Greening has welcomed the news that work has now started on developing a new Community Centre and a new Youth Pavilion for Butetown.

    Both projects, managed by Lib Dem-led Cardiff Council, will be undertaken by Vinci Construction and should be completed by late Summer 2012.

    Butetown Community Centre
    The new Butetown Community Centre will be a 3 storey building comprising 2 hall spaces, kitchens, bar area, meeting rooms, 5 business units, a crèche, a day centre, a café area and a computer room. Public art will also be incorporated into the building.

    Article / Sep 23, 2011
  • Delme Greening is planning to object to the proposal to build a block of 20 flats with just 5 parking spaces.

    Butetown's Liberal Democrat Councillor Delme Greening is working with local residents to oppose the proposed development of 20 apartments on the corner of Clarence Road and Pomeroy Street.

    A planning application has been submitted by Dovey Holdings Limited to demolish the former Sterling Works and Bethel Baptist Church on the corner of Pomeroy Street and Clarence Road and rebuild as a four story apartment complex of 20 (with 33 bedrooms). Only 5 parking spaces will be provided as part of the development.

    Article / Aug 10, 2011
  • Councillor Delme Greening wants local people to gave a greater say in planning applications for new homes, especially when it comes to the number of parking spaces provided. ()

    Local Lib Dem Councillor Delme Greening is leading a campaign to get the Welsh Assembly to allow local residents to have more of say in parking decisions that affect their area.


    At the moment, under guidelines issued by the Welsh Assembly, new developments have a maximum amount of parking they are allowed to provide.
    In many cases these spaces don't come anywhere near to meeting the demand. As a result, residents of these new developments are forced to park in nearby streets, causing problems for the residents that live there.

    Article / Jul 26, 2011

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