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The below news shows the Early Day Motions Jenny has supported during this Parliament.

  • Mar 3, 2015:
    • Royal British Legion Insult To Injury Campaign
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM817. Motion reads: "That this House notes the invaluable contribution made by servicemen and servicewomen, past and present, to the security of the UK and the risks they take with their health and lives in defence of freedom; further notes that this unique sacrifice is not fully recognised within the social care system, with veterans who were injured before 6 April 2005 typically finding that all but the first £10 per week of their military compensation is taken to cover the costs of their care; further notes that this is not the case for veterans who were injured after 6 April 2005, or for civilians who have been injured in the workplace, both of whom can retain their compensation awards in full when accessing council support; recognises that the current situation amounts to a clear breach of the Armed Forces Covenant principle of no disadvantage due to Service; and calls on the Government and devolved administrations to harmonise the treatment of injured veterans' compensation payments in social care charging guidance, making additional financial resources available to help local authorities implement this policy change."
    • British Lung Foundation Report
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM810. Motion reads: "That this House is aware that rates of the chronic lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which causes increased scarring of people's lungs, have increased by more than sixfold over the past 40 years, today accounting for the deaths of around 5,000 people a year in the UK; notes that the disease often kills with devastating speed, with more than half of sufferers losing their lives within three years after diagnosis; recognises the outstanding efforts of the British Lung Foundation (BLF) which works tirelessly to raise awareness of this appalling disease and the needs of its sufferers and their carers who often do not receive the support they need and deserve; and calls on the Government to act on the findings and recommendations of the BLF new patient experience report on this serious illness and develop ways to improve public awareness, medical research and patient treatment, support and care."
  • Feb 23, 2015:
    • Employment Of Supply Teachers
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM648. Motion reads: "That this House recognises that properly qualified supply teachers are an essential resource for schools which wish to deliver the same quality learning experience for pupils when a class's regular teacher is absent; notes that supply teachers are increasingly employed by agencies which siphon off significant amounts of public funding for education into their profits; is concerned that agencies are unable to offer supply teachers membership of the Teachers' Pension Scheme and are driving down their pay, with a recent survey by the National Union of Teachers finding that 40 per cent of supply teachers are getting lower, or significantly lower, pay than three years ago; further notes the uncertainty and disquiet about umbrella companies which increasingly employ supply teachers; and calls on the Government to encourage schools to employ supply teachers directly or through the local authority, rather than using agencies, to ensure supply teachers are paid fairly and have access to pension rights on an equal basis to other teachers."
    • Animal Experiments (No. 2)
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM636. Motion reads: "That this House welcomes the Government commitment to allow animal experiment licences to be obtained under Freedom of Information Act rules and to end the use of animal experiments to test household product ingredients; notes that the former Home Office Minister, the hon. Member for Lewes, stated that these commitments were to take effect before the General Election; and urges the Home Secretary to proceed in this direction at the earliest opportunity."
    • Intensive Indoor Dairy Farms
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM331. Motion reads: "That this House supports the vast numbers of dairy farmers across the UK who supply sustainable, high quality milk produced to high welfare standards in increasingly difficult and volatile economic circumstances; notes with concern the increased risks to dairy cow welfare from intensive indoor dairy farms in the UK; believes that without access to pasture dairy cows are unable to fully exhibit natural behaviours; and calls on the Government to determine the number and location of intensive indoor dairy farms in the UK where cows are given no access to pasture to ensure the public are themselves able to determine where and how their milk is being produced. "
  • Feb 3, 2015:
    • Government Policy On Derelict And Abandoned Buildings
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM277. Motion reads: "That this House recognises the devastating effect that derelict and abandoned buildings can have on a community, both commercially and on its landscape; notes that such sites can pose a serious health and safety risk, especially as an attraction to homeless and younger people; further notes the effect of land banking as a barrier to regeneration and to sustainable development; and calls on the Government to bring forward legislative proposals to allow local planning authorities to tackle sites in their communities including allowing an administration charge to be levied against property owners to cover costs of safeguarding and assessing the site and to introduce a land value tax on vacant sites, similar to that already imposed in Denmark and discussed in the Barker Review 2003, in line with the value of business rates which would be payable if a permitted development had already taken place."
  • Jan 27, 2015:
    • International Students And Net Migration Targets
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM739. Motion reads: "That this House recognises the enormous cultural, academic and economic contribution that international students studying at UK universities make to the country; is concerned at the dramatic drop in students enrolling to study at UK universities from some of the UK's major international trading partners; believes that the public does not generally view international students to be migrants and does not wish to see their number reduced; and urges the Government to exclude university students from efforts to bear down on immigration including by removing university students from any target to reduce net migration."
  • Jan 22, 2015:
    • Paediatric First Aid Training For Pre-School And Nursery Staff
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM688. Motion reads: "That this House welcomes the Department for Education's review of paediatric first aid training for nursery staff across England following the tragic case of Millie Thompson, who passed away aged nine months after a choking incident at a nursery school in Cheadle; notes that Millie's case has exposed loopholes in current regulation; further notes that over 100,000 people signed an e-petition requesting a change to the law; pays tribute to Joanne and Dan Thompson and all their supporters for setting up Millie's Trust and campaigning for a positive legacy; and calls on the Government to introduce a requirement for all relevant pre-school and nursery staff to receive paediatric first aid training."
    • Buffer Zones Around Abortion Clinics And Pregnancy Advisory Bureaux
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM612. Motion reads: "That this House notes with concern the recent escalation in anti-abortion activity targeted at women and staff attending abortion clinics and pregnancy advisory services; further notes that approaching and recording women and staff, alongside the distribution of misleading information and distressing images, intimidates women and jeopardises access to legal healthcare services; believes in upholding the right to peaceful protest; further believes that the right to peaceful protest should not interfere with the fundamental right for women to make individual reproductive choices; further notes that campaigns against women exercising their sexual health rights can continue without occupying the space immediately outside clinics; supports the British Pregnancy Advisory Service's Back Off campaign to implement buffer zones outside reproductive health clinics as a means of ensuring that women are not harassed or obstructed from accessing confidential advice and treatment; and calls on the Government to bring forward legislation to protect the rights of women to access lawful healthcare by enabling the introduction and implementation of buffer zones around clinics offering abortion and sexual health services."
  • Jan 21, 2015:
    • National Voter Registration Day 2015
      Jenny Willott has signed EDM678. Motion reads: "That this House welcomes Bite The Ballot's second annual National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on 5 February 2015, supported by Open Society Foundations, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, Hogan Lovells LLP and others, which aim to encourage 250,000 new electors to join the electoral register; praises the NVRD 2014 campaign which encouraged over 50,000 people to register to vote at a cost per registration of £0.25; acknowledges the Government's commitment to get more young people and other under-represented groups to register during the transition to Individual Electoral Registration; further welcomes the move to online registration and that over 36 million people have been successfully matched and automatically added to the new register; believes that with millions of voters still missing from the register, in order to deliver its commitment to maximising registration, the Government must now do more to encourage, support and promote the NVRD annual day of action that involves youth clubs, community groups, educational establishments and businesses across the UK registering people to vote; recognises that this initiative is supported by the APPG on Voter Registration and the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, with unanimous all-party support from members of both Houses and the devolved legislatures; and strongly urges the Government, the Cabinet Office, the Electoral Commission, local authorities, valuation joint boards and local electoral registration officers to fully recognise the importance of NVRD in creating an engaged and inspired young electorate."