Shine a light on pay disparity - Cardiff Lib Dems

Cardiff Liberal Democrats' Cllr Bablin Molik has called on Cardiff Council to publish data on its Ethnicity Pay Gap and the makeup of its workforce.

Since 2017, employers in England and Wales with more than 250 employees have been required to publish their gender pay gap. Reports show that the nature of reporting legislation can lead to the significant reduction in pay disparity between men and women.

Commenting, Cllr Bablin Molik said,

“There’s much more to do to tackle the Gender Pay Gap, but mandatory reporting has proved that it can lead to a significant reduction in pay disparity between men and women.

“It’s now time for us to shine a light on the ethnicity pay gap and the poor representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic peoples in our public sector, especially in senior decision making roles.

“If this Council is serious about tackling the issues faced by Black communities in our city, it should start by holding itself accountable. Shining a light on pay and employment disparities that exist in this council is the least we can do.”

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