Focus on building new homes, not right to buy say Cardiff Lib Dems

The answer to Cardiff's lengthy housing waiting lists is to build more homes rather than fixating on the right to buy, the city's Liberal Democrats have said.

The Lib Dems will seek to amend a Labour council motion on Thursday which calls for the suspension of a council tenant's right to buy their home, to ensure it properly recognises the need to build more council housing to reduce waiting lists.

While the right to buy resulted in many properties being sold during the 80s and 90s, official council figures show only 46 were sold this way across the entire city in the last 3 years.

The party's amendment will call for the price discount given on right to buy homes to be scrapped instead, meaning more revenue from each sale can go towards building new homes.

Cllr Joe Carter, Cardiff Liberal Democrat housing spokesperson, said:
“Over 8,300 people are currently on the council's housing waiting list. While Labour may think that suspending right to buy will help these people, the fact that so few houses are sold in this way shows their claim is nonsense.

“The only way to solve this council housing crisis is to build more homes. Selling a home via the right to buy not only removes a family from the council housing system, it also gives the council more cash to build another home and further reduce the waiting list.

“Before we left office in 2012, the Lib Dems put in place plans to build more social housing that the council have thankfully continued. But with waiting lists ballooning, it's clear we need to go further.

“The discount on right to buy homes may have been reduced to £8,000, but Liberal Democrats want this discount scrapped altogether. This means more money available to build more houses, and make sure more families can be given a home.”

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