Cardiff's Homelessness Crisis

We brought proposals to last week's budget meeting that would provide an extra £500,000 to support rough sleepers. Labour rejected them.

Labour cabinet members said, during the debate, that “money was not the issue” in dealing with the problem. That runs counter to all evidence.

We know that extra resources are vital in helping to resolve the homelessness crisis in our city. The money would have gone a long way towards supporting early help interventions. It could, for example, have provided more mobile support workers who link rough sleepers with the services that help them get back on track.

Not only that, but our budget proposals would have also allowed us to do it while restricting the Council Tax rise to 4%. That's compared to the 4.9% rise that Labour has passed.

Extra resources are vital in helping to resolve the homelessness crisis in our city

We'd have done this by reducing the level of Labour’s failed contingency fund. The fund has resulted in departments over-spending, knowing there is a pot of money to fall back on to bail them out.

Our proposals would have introduced greater financial rigour. At the same time, we'd have kept more money in your pocket by restricting the rise in council tax.

Our budget proposals were sensible, unlike the Tories’ fantasy alternative budget. They were well-costed and offered a compassionate solution to our homelessness crisis. We demand better for Cardiff - and we'll keep the pressure on Labour to do the right thing and release this money. Will you join us today and help make it happen?

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