Jenny Willott MP volunteers with FareShare Cymru South Wales

Jenny Willott, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, joined volunteers at the Tesco store on Albany Road to participate in a neighbourhood food collection with FareShare Cymru South Wales. 


FareShare Cymru South Wales aims to help vulnerable groups, whether they are homeless, elderly, children, or other groups in food poverty within the local community. They take the surplus edible food and drink from the food industry and distribute this between their Community Food Members, including homeless shelters and luncheon clubs.

In the last 12 months FareShare Cymru redistributed over 399 tonnes of food, which charities used to provide 798,980 meals to vulnerable people in South Wales.

Commenting, Jenny Willott MP, said:

FareShare are doing a fantastic job helping people struggling to make ends meet and it’s clear they are having positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people in Cardiff Central.

“To properly tackle food poverty I believe it’s important that the government both finds short term solutions to help people now, as well as longer term policies to tackle the causes of food poverty.

“To help with the cost of living the Lib Dems have reduced income tax for people, created jobs and increased the minimum wage. We have also protected benefits for the most vulnerable and boosted the state pension.

“Under the last government, the economy shrank by more than 7% in the recession, so it has taken time to get the economy growing properly again. The Lib Dems want to provide more opportunities for people to get on so the economy continues to grow and incomes continue to rise.”

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