Labour should reconsider sports pitch dog ban

Blanket restrictions will negatively impact responsible dog owners.

By , Cardiff Liberal Democrats Environment Spokesperson
Oct 22, 2018 1:10

The Labour administration should reconsider its proposals to exclude dogs from all of the city's marked sports pitches.

Good policy is about deterring undesirable behaviour, not punishing good behaviour.

We believe the council should use existing powers effectively to target irresponsible owners rather than penalising everyone.

Should persistent issues develop at a particular location, there is no reason why a site specific PSPO could not then be applied for, without a detrimental effect on dog walkers across the rest of the city.

We believe blanket restrictions will negatively impact responsible dog owners whilst having little to no impact on those who are the cause of the problems.

The Liberal Democrats support other aspects of the proposals, in relation to enclosed playgrounds and cemeteries as well as the size of fines, but we believe the Council could go further in a bid to encourage responsible dog ownership.

We think a dog walker should be required to demonstrate that they have the means to dispose of any waste produced by their dog, for example by producing a ‘poo bag’ or scoop on request.

Walking a dog in a public place without the means to pick up waste is clearly irresponsible and would prevent the owner or walker from dealing with any waste produced.

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