Labour Council Budget shambles “a missed opportunity”

The shambles seen at tonight's Cardiff Council budget meeting is “a missed opportunity” to save key services and limit council tax increases, the Cardiff Lib Dems have said.

Cardiff Council voted to pass a Labour budget, amended at the eleventh hour to placate Labour rebels. The amendment put forward by the Liberal Democrats with other opposition parties was rejected.

Lib Dem leader Judith Woodman has also this evening seconded a motion of no confidence in Cardiff Labour Council Leader Phil Bale.

Cllr Judith Woodman, Cardiff Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, said:

“The 8 years that the Lib Dems ran Cardiff Council, first in minority and then in coalition, never saw the shambles from Labour that was seen at tonight's budget meeting.

”Tonight Cardiff missed the opportunity to keep black bag collections every fortnight, limit the eye-watering rises in council tax and save many other key services – and all because Labour rebels were bought off at the eleventh hour.

“An increasing number of local residents are coming up to me and confessing they regret voting Labour, and tonight made it crystal clear why. Labour's grip on our City Hall is loosening; yet another Cardiff Labour leader may be booted out within a week.

“The next time a local resident complains to me about their messy street – despite their extortionate levels of Council Tax – it'll now be easier than ever for me to square the blame entirely on this shambolic Cardiff Labour Council.”

Jenny Willott, the Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, added:

“Cardiff Labour may insist that they're now united, but the cracks are plain to see. When leaked emails show even their own parliamentarians are losing confidence in Labour's leadership of our city, it's clear that something has to change.

“However long the Labour party in Cardiff keep infighting, the residents of our city will suffer because of it.”

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