Labour’s Latest Rubbish idea

Cardiff’s Labour-run council have decided to trial the privatisation of waste enforcement including the issuing of fines. This is despite many homes throughout Cardiff not yet having the correct combination of bags and bins.


Eluned Parrott, Assembly Member for South Wales Central said:

“Many residents I speak to are absolutely horrified that after the last botched set of waste changes a private company will now be responsible for enforcement, despite the council not taking enough steps to tell people about the changes and make sure they understand how waste should be disposed of.

“We need enforcement to be about education, so people understand what they are supposed to do. By moving it to the private sector, profits will be put above people.”

When Eluned asked the Minister for Public Services what he thought about privatisation of these services, he said: “[the Welsh Government] support public services being delivered by the public sector workforce.”

Eluned added:

“Labour in the Welsh Assembly are saying one thing, that they oppose privatisation, and yet Labour in Cardiff are saying another. They are a bit of a shambles and it is local residents that suffer.

“Despite stating that the Welsh Government opposed privatisation, when I asked the Minister to write to the Council to ask them to reconsider, he washed his hands of the situation. Only the Welsh Liberal Democrats stand up for local residents and we will continue to fight for cleaner streets.”

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