Lib Dems back Cardiff High expansion – do Labour?

Labour council bosses must “put their cards on the table” and back the expansion of Cardiff High School, the city's Liberal Democrats have said.

Last year, 25 children attending Marlborough Primary School and living in Cardiff High's catchment area had their applications refused in the first round. While many were reconsidered in later rounds, local families are anxious that the present situation is clearly unsustainable.

Penylan Liberal Democrat councillors Bill Kelloway and Joe Boyle, and Plasnewydd councillor Robin Rea have been trying to make sense of the situation, but the council have chopped and changed their answers – and have now stopped giving any altogether.

Lib Dem campaigners will join local parents on Thursday as they present their petition on Cardiff High expansion to the Cabinet Member for Education.

Cllr Joe Boyle, Liberal Democrat councillor for Penylan, said:
“I've been working with my Liberal Democrat colleagues to get answers for local families, who've quite rightly had enough of the uncertainty this Labour council has unnecessarily prolonged.

“Labour aren't just keeping us in the dark – they're clearly playing a game of smoke and mirrors. In June, my colleague Bill Kelloway and I were categorically told by officers that Cardiff High expansion was off the table. As the election looms it's suddenly 'being considered,' but now officers are simply refusing to answer our perfectly legitimate questions.

“Liberal Democrats have been clear from the start: we agree with parents that the best option is expanding Cardiff High. Now Labour need to put their cards on the table and make their position clear – do they agree with parents or not?”

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