Lib Dems publish 2015 Cardiff manifesto

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams joined local candidates to launch her party’s general election manifesto for Cardiff.

The manifesto builds on the party’s UK and Welsh manifestos with additional priorities and policies relevant to people across Cardiff. The front page contains six priorities, which are:

  • Fight to clean up Cardiff’s streets
  • Deliver a City Deal to kick-start Cardiff’s economy
  • Cut Income Tax by £400 for 168,500 Cardiff workers
  • Campaign to keep local libraries open
  • Eliminate broadband ‘not-spots’ in Cardiff
  • Deliver £16 million extra for Cardiff’s poorest pupils

You can read the full manifesto below.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat said:

“This is an ambitious manifesto for the people of our capital city, building on our Wales and UK manifestos with truly local priorities to ensure we create opportunity for everyone in Cardiff.

"Whenever I'm talking to people in Cardiff, one thing is mentioned to me more than any other: streets are getting messier by the day. The street cleaning services introduced by the Lib Dems when we ran Cardiff Council are being cut back by Labour, leaving the streets of this city in an absolute mess - and all this is despite Labour council tax hikes of 5%.

"It's clear Cardiff Labour aren't taking this seriously, which is why Jenny and the local Lib Dems have taken up the mantle. Their five point plan to clean up Cardiff will reinstate street sweepers, remove charges for collecting bulky waste and oppose plans to move from fortnightly black bin bag collections."

On the proposed City Deal for Cardiff, which is a Liberal Democrat policy that gives city regions the powers and investment they need to kick start their economies, Kirsty added:

“Let us be in no doubt: a City Deal for Cardiff is only on the table because of Jenny Willott’s campaigning on this issue.

“Over the years Jenny has had meeting after meeting with Liberal Democrat Ministers highlighting the benefits this deal could bring.

“Can you ever remember a Tory promoting a City Deal for Cardiff? No. How about Labour? No. It’s appalling that the Labour Council have taken years to put together any kind of bid for a City Deal, whilst other councils across the country managed it years ago. We can’t let Labour’s poverty of ambition hold Cardiff back.

“Jenny Willott’s hard work is helping to deliver a City Deal for Cardiff. That is why people must back her.”

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