Lib Dems slam ‘hypocritical’ Cardiff Labour MP for accepting frontbench role

Cardiff’s Liberal Democrats have hit out at Cardiff Central Labour MP Jo Stevens for accepting a shadow ministerial post, after she criticised her Lib Dem predecessor for ‘neglecting’ her constituents while a Minister.

Labour announced today that Jo Stevens had been appointed as a Shadow Justice Minister following numerous resignations from Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench.

However, Stevens had previously criticised Jenny Willott, her predecessor as Cardiff Central’s MP, for her Ministerial Position in the Coalition Government, saying her resignation as a whip was an admission that she had “neglected her constituency”.

Stevens also told WalesOnline in an interview that she would be “happy” as a backbench MP, claiming she wasn’t a career politician.

Eluned Parrott, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Candidate for Cardiff Central and AM for South Wales Central, said:

“Jenny Willott achieved so much as a Minister, fighting for equality in the workplace and leaving a lasting legacy for women and their families across the country. Despite those achievements, all Jo Stevens could say was that the people of Cardiff Central were ‘neglected’.

“By her logic, whatever Jo Stevens may achieve in her new role, she will be wracked with guilt for neglecting her constituents as a result.

“It seems Jo Stevens has her own shameful admission to make: that she is willing to say whatever it takes to get elected. Accepting a frontbench role after her remarks is incredibly hypocritical, and I hope at the very least she’ll apologise to Jenny for what she said.”

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