Lib Dems to force vote on Wedal Road closure

Cardiff’s Opposition Liberal Democrats will on Thursday force a Council vote on Labour’s heavily criticised plans to close the recycling centre at Wedal Road.

The party will present their petition in favour of retaining a full household waste recycling centre on Wedal Road at Thursday’s full council meeting, before debating their motion on street cleaning and waste services. You can still add your name to the petition - click here.

As well as committing to at least four recycling centres across the city, the Lib Dem motion also calls for a greater investment in neighbourhood street sweeping cut by the Labour administration.

Cllr Robin Rea, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Cabinet Member and Plasnewydd councillor, said:
“The sheer amount of support for our campaign against closing Wedal Road shows just how vital this tip is to so many people, especially after Labour’s ridiculous decision to close Waungron Road too.

“Everyone knows are streets are getting messier, and it’s because Labour slashed the neighbourhood cleaning teams brought in by the previous Lib Dem-led council. Labour’s meddling means fly-tipping was up 59% last year alone, costing us over £410,000 to deal with.

“Of all of Cardiff Labour’s many failures, their simple inability to keep our streets clean is surely the most obvious. Even when we have the opportunity to showcase Cardiff on a world stage, such as during the recent Half Marathon, the neglected way our city looks lets us down.

“The sad reality is if people want cleaner streets and an end to waste meddling, they need to vote for it in May. As the only credible alternative to this failing Labour administration, Liberal Democrats stand ready with a plan to clean up Cardiff.”

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