Use Lockdown to Promote Increased, Safer Cycling - Cardiff Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats on Cardiff Council are supporting calls by campaign group Cycling UK for increased emergency and mandatory cycle lanes in the city, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We are calling for more measures to improve conditions for the increased number of people cycling during the lockdown.

A scheme to create additional space around Roath Park Lake has proved popular but we believe more is needed.

We welcome what the Council has done around the lake. However, in isolation it creates problems of its own while also missing an opportunity to bring about a shift in our long-term approach to cycling provision.

The measures around Roath Lake have attracted large numbers of cyclists. On one level, this is encouraging but it has risks: concentrating improved provision in one narrow geographic area makes it a hotspot. This can make things uncomfortably crowded for less mobile residents who live near the lake. It also undermines social distancing measures at a time when we cannot drop our guard in efforts to halt the virus’ spread.

That is why we encourage the Council to bring forward proposals for the introduction of additional mandatory cycle lanes in other parts of the city.

This will disperse cyclists, improve social distancing, provide safe cycling space in more parts of the city and remove pressure from residents who live around Roath Lake.

At the same time, it could mark an important stage in our long term efforts to get more people using sustainable means of transport.

We would therefore urge the Council to build on the good work it has done around Roath Lake and extend similar schemes in other parts of the city.

In such a way, out of this punishing outbreak, we could cement a positive outcome.

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