Driving Cardiff forward

The Liberal Democrats have a plan for positive change that will drive Cardiff forward after five years of Labour holding our city back.

The local election on Thursday 4th May gives Cardiff the chance to get the change it needs.

For five years Labour infighting, broken promises and poor decisions have cost our great capital city dear.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party to have ever taken control of Cardiff Council away from Labour.

Our five-point plan for positive change in our city will draw a line under the chaos of the past five years under Labour.

It’s time to drive Cardiff forward.

Councillor Elizabeth Clark
Leader of Cardiff Liberal Democrats



A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will give children a better start in life by reducing class sizes. Welsh Lib Dem Education Secretary Kirsty Williams is providing extra money to pilot reducing class sizes in the most deprived areas. We’ll give teachers time to teach.



Spending on roads and pavements has fallen in Cardiff under Labour. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will invest more to fix our infrastructure. We’ll fix those annoying potholes, improve public transport, and make it easier to walk and cycle in our city.



Labour let fly-tipping increase by 59%. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will bring back community street-sweepers, establish a ‘handy-van’ scheme to fix local problems, and completely scrap Labour’s bulky waste charge. We’ll stop Labour’s plan to close Wedal Road tip.



A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will repair the council’s relationship with businesses to bring more jobs to our great capital city. The Lib Dems will fight to protect jobs by opposing plans to pull Britain out of the EU Single Market which would damage trade.



People in Cardiff are fed up of endless huge tax hikes. Labour have increased Council Tax by 17% despite promising not to. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will keep the rise over the next 5 years below the Welsh average, just like we did when we ran Cardiff Council from 2004-2012.


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