Greener, Fairer, Safer Cardiff

The Liberal Democrats have a plan for positive change that will create a greener, fairer, safer Cardiff.

The local election on Thursday 5th May gives Cardiff the chance for a fresh start.

After 10 years of Labour control our streets are dirtier, our roads are in chaos, people feel less safe in their communities, green spaces have been destroyed, and people feel dictated to and taken for granted.

Our plan for positive change in our city will be a fresh start for Cardiff. 

The Liberal Democrats are the only party to have ever taken control of Cardiff Council away from Labour.

Join the Liberal Democrats and demand better.

Councillor Rhys Taylor
Leader of Cardiff Liberal Democrats



Our streets are dirtier than ever and green spaces across the city are under threat. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will take a proactive approach to keep our streets clean and protect our natural environment. We will co-produce community environmental action plans to shape priorities for green spaces, transport, parks, and street cleansing.



More and more people report feeling unsafe in their communities. Hate crime has increased and Black, Asian and Ethnic communities have lost all trust. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will work to create safer communities, keep young people away from crime, and tackle street harassment, hate crime, and racism in our city.



Cardiff has a housing crisis. Too many people can’t afford to buy a home, homes are left empty, people are sleeping rough, and over 8,000 people are waiting on the social housing list. The fire safety scandal shows that developers put profits, not people, first. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will build more social homes, hold developers to account for their affordable homes targets, help fire safety victims, and end homelessness.



We want a city where as many of the facilities people need to access on a day-to-day basis as possible are within 20 minutes of their home, and where people can travel on reliable, clean buses or by active travel. Labour has failed to deliver a central bus station, failed to sufficiently invest in roads, pavements and support bus routes, leaving many struggling to get around. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will fix public transport, make walking and cycling safer, and create safer communities for everyone.



Labour has ignored communities, failed to consult properly and controversial decisions pushed through. A Liberal Democrat Cardiff will be open and transparent and will work with residents to shape priorities, plans, and the future of our city. We will introduce fair voting, improve and open up council decision making and trial new ways to engage people in making decisions.


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