Call for action on Penylan anti-social behaviour hotspot

Penylan’s Liberal Democrat councillors are calling on Cardiff Council and South Wales Police to take swift action to address an anti-social behaviour hotspot centred round a bus shelter in Dorchester Avenue that is no longer in use.

They are backing residents living nearby who are being regularly disturbed at night by problems at this disused bus shelter, which have been escalating in recent days.

Youths are congregating at the bus shelter on a nightly basis. Residents have complained these youths are consuming and taking drugs with many people coming and going to buy drugs from them. Residents are also suffering from noise nuisance and intimidatory behaviour. Recently they have been finding themselves suffering from disturbance into the early hours of the morning, and this is preventing them from being able to sleep.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Penylan, Rodney Berman, said: “After hearing of the horrendous problems residents have been experiencing, we launched an online petition calling on the council and the police to take swift action. Our understanding is that the problem has been ongoing for a few months, but has escalated more recently. This may be a consequence of lockdown, with activity being displaced from pubs and clubs while they are shut.

“We are backing residents who feel that part of the solution now has to be the removal of the bus shelter, which I would hope could be moved somewhere else such as to one of the bus stops not far away in Penylan Road that does not have a shelter attached to it.

“Understandably, residents are feeling strongly about this issue which is impacting badly on them. There has been a significant response to the petition meaning we were able to submit the first tranche of signatures to both Cardiff Council and South Wales Police after just two days.”

Fellow Liberal Democrat councillor for Penylan, Joe Boyle, added: “Local residents have been reporting concerns to the police but they have not always been satisfied with the response. They have particularly been concerned that there have been times when the police have come out but not moved the youths on, and the disturbance has then continued.

“Residents have also reported that they have been suffering from disturbance that has been going on until three or four in the morning which is clearly intolerable.

“I hope this will now prompt the council and the police to work together to address these concerns. Swift action is now needed.”



  1. The bus shelter in Dorchester Avenue has been out of use since Cardiff Bus axed the former 56 bus service in early 2018
  2. The Cardiff Liberal Democrats’ petition calling for action on this issue can be found at:
  3. 188 residents have signed the petition to date, since it was published on 27 June 2020


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