Over 500 sign petition calling on Cardiff Council to fix the waterlogged paths around Roath Rec

An online petition launched by Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate for Cardiff Central, Rodney Berman, has been backed by over 500 residents in just a few days.

The petition is calling on Cardiff Council to take action to fix the waterlogged paths which run around Roath Rec, which many residents from the surrounding area are regularly visiting to exercise locally during the current Tier 4 lockdown restrictions.

Rodney Berman, who is currently a councillor for Cardiff’s Penylan ward which adjoins the Rec, said:

“The response from the local community has been amazing. This is particularly the case given that we are only able to campaign online at the moment and can’t speak to residents face-to-face as we might do in more normal times.

“I can’t remember the paths being in a worse state than they have been in recent weeks. They have been flooded in so many places that there has often been more of the path under water than not. But despite the current inclement weather, far more people are currently walking and running around the park than usual simply because we are only able to exercise locally.

“To avoid the significant number of puddles, people are having to switch to using the pavement along Ninian Road, but residents have complained that it is getting crowded there at times making social-distancing difficult. It’s also putting walkers more in conflict with runners who are competing to use the same space.

“The alternative to this is to walk on the grass, but it has become very muddy in places meaning people are switching to wading through mud rather than wading through water.

“Residents and I have asked for the council to improve the paths on various occasions over recent years, including well before the pandemic. Unfortunately, these requests have fallen on deaf ears. There has been no attempt to make sure the paths are fully tarmacked, fill in the potholes or create a camber so that water would run off the sides. I hope this petition will therefore persuade the council that a great many people in the community now want to see something done.”


Rodney Berman’s petition calling for the waterlogged paths around Roath Rec to be fixed can be found here.

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