Plaid approach to Cardiff LDP ‘reckless’ say Lib Dems

Cardiff’s Opposition Liberal Democrats have criticised Plaid calls to revoke the city’s Local Development Plan, saying leaving Cardiff without a Plan would be ‘reckless’.

Plaid’s proposed council motion calls on the Welsh Government to revoke the current LDP, leaving the Cardiff without a plan to manage housing development.

Liberal Democrat calls to instead bring a planned major review of the LDP forward in order to implement vital changes were voted against by Plaid and Labour councillors.

Cllr Joe Carter, Cardiff Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet Member for Housing, said:
“Liberal Democrat opposition to Labour’s disastrous housing plan is well-known, and the reasons we voted against it still stand. The Plan does not provide for the transport, services and other local infrastructure needed along with much-needed housing.

“But despite the obvious problems, Plaid’s idea to leave the city without a Plan at all are reckless and would leave the city at the mercy of speculative developers.

“That’s why we need to bring a major review into the LDP forward. This major review would allow us to make much-needed changes without jeopardising the future of the city.

“While Plaid continue to behave recklessly on this issue, Labour continue to plough ahead with no comprehension of the problems facing Cardiff. Only the Liberal Democrats have a level-headed approach to securing much-needed housing for people in Cardiff – and the vital infrastructure to go with it.”

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