Planning committee backs local residents on Cardiff Met

At yesterday's planning committee a cross-party group of councillors considered the evidence and decided that Cardiff Met's proposed new building was too big.

They were concerned that the 7 storey was just too big and backed our concerns that the visual impact for residents on all sides would be too much.

This application was recommended for approval by planning officials. The committee isn't able to say no straight away in cases like this, so they voted to defer the decision to the next meeting and told the officers that the next time they see it, the papers should recommend a REFUSAL. It should come back to a meeting in March

Local campaigner Councillor Joe Carter said:

"We are delighted that the committee has backed the concerns of residents and not approved this development."

Local campaigner Emma Sandrey added:

"Liberal Democrats led the campaign against this development because it was clearly too big and unsuitable for the site. Our objections, along with those from residents, were clear: any new application needs to be far more realistic, and include ample space for parking to reduce the pressure on local estates.

"We are so grateful to the work of the Resident Action Group, in particularly Nerys and Cris, who bravely spoke at today's meeting alongside me."


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