Calls to establish Cardiff Poverty Truth Commission

Cardiff Liberal Democrats are calling for a Poverty Truth Commission ensuring that people who have experienced poverty first-hand are at the heart of how the city thinks and acts in tackling poverty and inequality.

Cardiff Liberal Democrats are warning that without real change coronavirus will push more and more people into poverty. A Poverty Truth Commission brings ordinary people together to be given the chance to relate their personal experiences of struggling against poverty. Similar initiatives have been undertaken in Scotland and Leeds.

7 out of 10 wards in Wales with the highest numbers of children in poverty are in Cardiff. Child poverty will increase dramatically in light of the pandemic, with reports suggesting that we could experience the deepest recession in decades. This comes as estimates suggest that 40,000 jobs in the retail and hospitality sector in Cardiff could be at risk.

Commenting, Cardiff Liberal Democrats leader Cllr Rhys Taylor said;

"The pandemic has really exposed how many people struggle to make ends meet every day, and how many more people were balancing everything on a knife-edge. We can't go on like this.

"After all we've been through in these last few months, people need some hope that things will get better, that someone is listening. The suggestion from the UK Conservative Government that we can carry on steady will actively push people, including families with young children, into impossible positions. It will hurt the futures of so many children.

"A Poverty Truth Commission gives people with experience of poverty the chance to be heard, the chance to put their ideas forward and asks politicians to sit up and listen."


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