Protect services at Penylan Library and Community Centre

Protect our services

Services at Penylan Library and Community Centre are under threat. Local campaigner Robin Rea is campaigning to save them. Sign the petition here:

Posted by Plasnewydd & Roath Lib Dems on Saturday, 10 September 2016


Cardiff’s Labour-run Council have announced plans to hand over the running of Penylan Library and Community Centre to a private company. The Council will scrap the funding they currently provide for leisure services at the centre.

The company plans to bring in new charges to join the leisure service, and to limit the times when concessionary memberships can be used. They have not guaranteed the level of services,opening hours or staffing will remain the same.

“Labour have already cost us one local library and a community centre,” said local campaigner Robin Rea

“I want the Labour-run council to pledge to protect services, rule out huge price increases and safeguard staff for the long term.”

Sign the petition against the plans here.


Unions speak out against Labour’s plan

Union leaders have spoken out against Labour’s plans to have a private company run leisure services in Cardiff.

Cardiff’s trade unions say their relationship with the city council is “at an all-time low”. One leader said “It is probably the most disgraceful way this council has ever handled such a sensitive matter.”

They have described Labour’s plan as a “terrible error which risks damaging the quality of service for the public and employees’ working environment”.

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