Schools announcement "deeply disappointing" say Cardiff Lib Dems

Cardiff Liberal Democrats respond to the fact that children in Cardiff will have fewer opportunities to Check In, Catch Up, and Prepare for school ahead of September.

Cardiff Lib Dems' Education Spokesperson Cllr Robert Hopkins said;

"As governors, as parents, and as councillors we know how hard teachers have been working in these last weeks to welcome some children back to school at the end of June. We’ve been blown away by the way in which teachers have planned so they can squeeze every possible second out of the four weeks to deliver the best for our children in safe and welcoming environments.

"We recognise that many will be anxious about returning to school and the need to give everyone time to prepare and to have confidence for a return to school. We are aware that many headteachers were supportive of the plan and teachers keen to support pupils for a further week."

Cardiff Lib Dems' Group Leader Cllr Rhys Taylor said;

"This last minute change will do nothing for the confidence of parents and teachers. Parents and teachers will rightly demand answers about why they have been left to pick up the pieces.

"We are deeply disappointed that, while some councils have agreed to deliver a month for pupils, that children in Cardiff will now have fewer opportunities to check in with their school ahead of a new normal in September.

"We remain supportive of Kirsty Williams’ plan that will ensure all pupils have an opportunity to return to school and adjust to a new normal. This is in stark contrast to England where the vast majority of pupils won’t be able to return to school until September."

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