Social housing must be good, not just affordable, say Lib Dems after Grenfall Tower fire

Cardiff’s Liberal Democrats have said that the grief and anger felt by people over the Grenfall Tower fire must be reflected in decisions taken by policy makers.

“The first response,” said Cllr Joe Carter, Lib Dem spokesperson for housing, “is an instinctive, human compassion for those people caught up in the unimaginable horror of this disaster and their friends, families and communities who must somehow deal with its aftermath.

“Their sorrow and grief, however, will be matched by anger that this should have happened.”

Cardiff’s Lib Dems have already asked the Labour administration to reassure residents about the safety of properties in the city.

“I’m satisfied by guarantees the council have given that a statement will be issued in relation to existing properties,” said Cllr Carter.

“However, we have to think hard about the longer term implications for the city’s emerging housing stock.

“Do we pay enough attention to the quality of the homes we build, especially social housing? As Cardiff embarks on a massive program of house-building, will we guarantee that new social housing will be good housing, not just affordable housing?

“In the aftermath of the tragedy at Grenfell, there is an onus on us all - town planners, councillors, members of the city’s planning committee, architects, developers - to ensure that the homes we build for those in our communities who have the least are homes we would want to live in ourselves.

"It is a basic human right that people should have a roof over their head, a right we don't always meet. That roof should bring dignity and it should also bring safety.”

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