Get a grip on Cardiff's waste collection chaos!

Cardiff Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign demanding the Labour-run council takes action to sort out the chaos we've seen across the city since new rotas for waste collections were introduced in February, with collections now taking place over four days a week instead of five.

There have been problems week after week since the new system was introduced. Waste crews are regularly finding they have too much to collect in the rounds they have been allocated and are unable to complete them. This has led to many collections being missed and having to take place on a different day, with waste piling up on our streets in the meantime.

The problems have been widespread and don't seem to be reducing. This is despite the new system having been in place now for weeks.

Councillor Rodney Berman, Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate for Cardiff Central and lead list candidate for the South Wales Central region, said:

"Some streets have seen missed collections week after week for four weeks now. It's been nothing short of chaotic. In some cases whole wards have seen all their garden waste collections missed on the day they were meant to take place.

"The Labour council has demonstrated poor leadership over these changes which look to have been badly planned.

"Astonishingly, the Labour cabinet member in charge of waste recently told a council meeting he thought the new system was working fine. It's hard to understand how he could say that given the sheer number of complaints all councillors seem to be getting at the moment from very frustrated residents."

Councillor Rhys Taylor, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat Group on Cardiff Council and Senedd candidate for Cardiff North, added:

"Labour has badly handled these changes, despite having had months to plan for them. It's clear the new rotas are unmanageable, and yet no-one from amongst the council's Labour leadership seems to want to take responsibility.

"Please sign our petition to help them see how frustrated residents across the city are. Labour councillors need to take these problems seriously, and not just dismiss them as teething problems.

"Help us put pressure on them to put in the effort required to sort this mess out."

I/we, the undersigned, demand that Cardiff's Labour-run council takes rapid and necessary action to sort out the mess it has made of changes to waste collections across the city. Far too many waste collections are failing to take place on the right day and the council needs to sort this out.


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