Wedal Road to close in 1 month - Cardiff Lib Dems respond

At the beginning of February the Labour controlled-council announced plans to close the Wedal Road recycling centre less than a month later by 2nd March.

Before the local elections we had challenged Labour to protect Wedal Road until an alternative site was found in the North of the city.

In Labour leaflets they promised:

‘Wedal Road - is not closing anytime soon under Cardiff Labour council, and certainly not before a better service is set up to replace it.’ Labour have now broken this commitment and less than a year after the elections Wedal Road will close.

Cllr Ashley Wood, Environment spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, said:

‘People feared that Wedal Road would be under threat under Labour and they were right. In 5 years they wound have closed two out of four of our recycling centres at a time when we need to encourage more not less recycling.

'For someone living in North Cardiff traveling to Lamby Way or Grangetown is too far, so we will see fly-tipping increase.’

Please join our campaign to keep Wedal Road open.

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