Welsh Government misleads over M4

Eluned Parrott grilled the Minister for Economy, Science, and Transport, Edwina Hart over figures included in non-statutory consultations over the so called M4 Black Route.


In questions in the Chamber today, Eluned challenged the accuracy of information in Welsh Government marketing materials that Friends of the Earth have described as “a pack of lies”.


The queried figures include the cost, future CO2 emissions, jobs to be created and capacity of the current road.



Eluned Parrott, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Minister, said:


“It appears that the Welsh Government has been using misleading numbers and half-truths to shore up support for the doomed M4 Black Route.


“For example it claims the road is 95% full, but this is only at one junction, in one direction at one time in the day. So that is only 7% of the road, 4% of the time. Similarly, they claim the project will cost £1billion, but that doesn’t include inflation or VAT, meaning it will likely cost at least half as much again.


“Pravda would have given a more balanced view than the Welsh Government on this.


“I am really concerned that when the Welsh Government performed its informal consultation, it didn’t put forward a balanced case. In my view, there is a real danger that residents have been misled over the impact of the M4 Black route.


“The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has guidance on any promotional advertisement material, and I am not sure if the Welsh Government is on the right side of these rules. Friends of the Earth have referred the matter to the ASA and I look forward to hearing the response.”

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