Youth Offending Service inspection "incredibly unsettling"

Every part of Cardiff Youth Offending Service (YOS) has been rated "inadequate" by inspectors. The YOS was given the lowest possible performance rating by HM Inspectorate of Probation. The inspection looked at 12 aspects of the service and ranked every one of those "inadequate". 

Commenting, Leader of Cardiff Liberal Democrats Cllr Rhys Taylor, said:

"The findings of this review are incredibly unsettling. How many children and young people have been failed as a result of the dearth of leadership now evident in the council?

"This Council is clearly failing to learn the lessons of the past. It should not take a review like this, when so many children have already been failed, to uncover such fundamental, long-standing problems in the service. There's now no doubt that the lack of scrutiny and transparency in Cardiff Council is putting children and young people at risk.

"There needs to be an urgent public debate and scrutiny about what has gone wrong, why councillors have been left in the dark, and how we rebuild confidence in the service."

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